Religious ceremonies

Italy offers an incredible choice of historic churches and cathedrals for your Catholic wedding in Italy. No other nation in the world can offer you so many stunning and scenic Churches, most of which are placed on a unique landscape.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only be celebrated inside consecrated churches or chapel by a Catholic priest and can be legally binding at the discretion of the Priest: in fact a wedding in a Catholic church in Italy is can be also registered as a civil wedding, and so you only need to register it in your country of residence.

We recommend you to arrive 2 or 3 days prior to your wedding, as very often, the Priest wants to have a talk with you before the wedding.

The wedding Mess last usually an hour and will reflect your own style, as you’ll choose the lectures, the Gospel and the music.
Then together we can choose the flower decoration.
At the Lake Garda we are proud to offer you some of the most scenic Churches, some with great sea view, some other closed to the seaside but each with a very unique setting.
In Verona or in Venice we can organise your wedding in some of the most beautiful old Churches of the cities.
All our venues offer a little bit of paradise and are the perfect setting for your dream Italian Church Wedding.
Here’s are some useful information about your church wedding in Italy:
  • A Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy is conducted by an English speaking priest.
  • A Catholic marriage in Italy is not possible if one of you was previously married in a Catholic rite and is now divorced without a formal annulment by the Catholic church.
  • A mixed religion marriage is subject to the approval of your own Bishop who must grant permission in writing.
  • The paperwork should not be completed 6 months before the wedding date or it will expire.
  • The Italian Diocese must receive the paperwork 2 months prior to the wedding.
  • A donation is required for the church and for the English speaking Priest.
  • Attire: no bare shoulders for the bride.
  • Music: in most of the Churches only sacred music is allowed.
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