Wedding Documents

Here are 4 simple steps to get all the documents to get married in Italy:

  • First of all you must publish the Banns at your local Registry Office in England. After 3 weeks they will release a Certificate of Non Impediment (valid 6 months). You must check that your passports are valid for more than 6 months after the date of marriage.
    you can normally get a CNI by giving a notice of marriage at your local register office or registrar in the UK.
    You should start the process for your documents 6 months before your wedding date if you are resident in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and 3 months before if you are resident in Scotland.
    The names on all documents you provide must appear exactly as they do on your passports - if not, the authorities may refuse to allow the marriage to go ahead.
  • While you are waiting for your Certificate of No Impediment you should make a statutory declaration before a solicitor or public notary in the UK.
    The declaration is required by the Italian authorities and gives additional information that isn’t detailed on your Certificate of No Impediment.
    You can download it from:
  • When you have your Certificate of No Impediment and you have made your Statutory Declaration, you need to send them both to the FCO Legalization Office in Milton Keynes for each to be legalised (certified as genuine) with a Hague Apostille.

You’ll also need to get your CNI translated and sworn before the Italian courts or an Italian Justice of the Peace. We can give you a list of recommended translators or we can do it for you.
If you need some more information please have a look at
The statutory declaration does not have to be translated since it is already in Italian and English.

Please note, under Italian law, a woman who has been divorced or widowed and wishes to re-marry in Italy cannot do so until 300 days have passed from the date of her divorce/death of husband. In some cases it is possible, however, to apply for a dispensation to this through the Civil Law Courts (Tribunale Civile).
Since March 2013 British Nationals resident in UK don’t need to send the wedding documentation to any British Consular Section in Italy for further processing.
please note in case you reside in the United Kingdom but you are not British, you have to follow the regulations of your country of nationality.

The day before the wedding you will need to sign a declaration (excluding Venice, Sirmione, Gardone, Garda, Torri del Benaco), if needs, at the Town Hall where you’ll get married.
these are the requested documents you’ll need to get married in Italy: (please read also the general information regarding

  • Valid U.S. passport (active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces can present their military ID card instead).
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy).
  • Evidence of the termination of any previous marriage/s if applicable (e.g., final divorce decree, annulment decree, or death certificate of former spouse).
  • Affidavit or “Dichiarazione Giurata” sworn to before an Consulate General Milan or from the Consular Agent in Venice or Genoa, stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage according to the laws of the U.S. state in which you are a resident.
  • You have to have the Dichiarazione Giurata legalized by the Legalization Office of the local Prefettura. Please note that the Dichiarazione Giurata obtained at the Milan Consulate General can be legalized at all the Prefetturas within the jurisdiction of Milan whereas the Dichiarazione Giurata obtained at the Consular Agencies in Venice or Genoa must be legalized by the respective Prefetturas in Venice or Genoa.
  • Atto Notorio (declaration, in addition to the “Dichiarazione Giurata”, stating that according to the laws to which you are subject in the United States, there is no obstacle to your marriage), unless you already received it from the Italian Consulate in the U.S.;

When you have all the documents we’ll schedule for you an appointment with the Marriage Office of the town hall where you will be married to present all of the required documents and to make the Declaration of Intention to Marry; our interpreter will be with you
Once married, we’ll obtain the Apostille on your marriage certificate for you

The following is the contact information for the various offices you will need to call and/or visit:

Consulate General Milan
Via Principe Amedeo, 2/10 – 20121 Milan
Telephone (switchboard): (+39) 02-290351
All citizens of the following countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey), need to send us a copy of the certificate of marriage capability together with the copy of the International birth certificate and the copy of their identity card or passports at least 3 weeks before the wedding. They should then bring the originals on the day of the wedding or on the day of the declaration (2 days before the wedding) as stated in the article no. 116 of our Civil Law.
Please take note that in Italy women can get married only 300 days after their previous divorce.
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